Canada’s New Food Guide 2019 and even a tiny bit of exercise for a healthy heart.

Canada’s New Food Guide came out in time for Heart Health Month

Canada’s Food Guide web site is actually worth going to.

It’s fun to navigate (you can click on most of the pictures), full of good information, cute little videos, meal and snack ideas and recipes, and more!

Your new guide to healthy eating:

  • Use the “Eat well Plate” as a tool to make healthy snacks and meals:
  • Make 1/2 your plate vegetables and fruits, include a vegetable and snack at each meal and snack.
  • 1/4 your plate is protein foods that come from plants more often
  • 1/4 your plate is whole grains
  • Limit sodium, sugars, and saturated fat.
  • Avoid processed foods, but when you do, read the labels to choose wisely.
  • Replace sugary drinks with water

“Healthy Eating is more than the goods you eat.  It is also about where, when, why, and how you eat.”  Check it out:

Here is a link to recipes for Breakfast, Lunch/supper, and snacks:

A little bit of exercise:

There is more and more research finding remarkable benefits of very short duration exercise to cardiovascular health.  Research proves incredible benefits of just a “1-minute workout”:  the one minute workout is actually 10 minutes: 3.5 min warm up, 3 x 20 seconds intense effort bursts each followed by 40 seconds easier, then a 3.5 minute cool down.  A total of 1-minute is really intense.

More recent research has shown significant cardiovascular and strength benefits of even as little as 3 flights of stairs “vigorously” 3 times per week. That isn’t much!

Everyone can find the time to take a few flights of stairs.

Eat well and exercise… every little effort keeps you on the path to complete wellness.