Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the assessment and manipulation of joints and soft tissues of the body, tissues including muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. The practice of massage therapy is a clinically oriented healthcare option to help with treatment, alleviation and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain throughout the body. This is done through various manipulations and techniques that help alleviate muscular tension associated with activities of daily living, rehabilitate or augment physical function and relieve pain. Massage Therapy can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions along with conditions of muscular overuse.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage:

  • MassageDecreases stress by improving relaxation: Massage has a positive impact in reducing the effects of stress on the body. Massage reduces the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body and decreases the client’s perceived stress and anxiety. Massage therapy can be used as a preventative care program to treat ongoing stress management. 
  • Increases flexibility and circulation: Regular massage allows the body to function with less restriction, accelerates recovery time and decreases the risk of sprains, strains and spasm by increasing muscle flexibility and improving overall circulation. Increasing flexibility can improve joint mobility to prevent future joint injuries.
  • Decreases muscular tension, soreness, spasm and pain: Specific massage treatments are designed to reduce resting muscular tension, treat various sprains/strains, carpal tunnel, nerve impingement syndromes, whiplash, bursitis, tendonitis, headaches and much more. Individualized treatments based on your needs can help prevent injury and reduce and eliminate pain.


Pre/Postnatal Massage

Massage is safe and beneficial both during and after the gestation period. During pregnancy it helps to safely relieve many pregnancy related pains such as hip/low back soreness, lessen or relieve sciatic related pain, reduce swelling in hand and feet and muscular tension related to the physical changes during pregnancy. Massage has great benefits to help reduce stress and anxiety, which is helpful both pre and postnatal.

Massage and Children

Physical growing pains occur because the bones are growing more rapidly than the muscles. The specific massage techniques used will help to gently lengthen the muscles and stretch the tissues, providing symptomatic relief of pain. Massage Therapy is very safe and effective to relieve muscular tension in children of any age.

Stone MassageHot Stone Massage

The heat of the stones are an effective way to help release muscular tension, decrease stiffness and allow the body to fall into a deep relaxation.  Hot stone massage is a great way to manage stress; the nervous system releases endorphins, decreases cortisol levels and lowers heart rate. The heat from the stones allows improves circulation throughout the body and for increased manipulation of soft tissues.

First time at Complete Wellness? Here are our standards and what to expect for massage therapy

Firstly when arriving at the clinic our reception staff will greet you and have you fill out the required health history information, as it is mandatory by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. The therapist will then take you into the treatment room and go over the medical history and perform the appropriate assessment specific to your primary complaints, injury or pain. The massage therapist will explain the treatment in which they will be giving and ask you for informed consent. At this time, the therapist will leave the room and allow you time to disrobe to your level of comfort. Some patients completely disrobe, while some remain partially clothed. Either option is fine. You will then lie on the table, under the top sheet and blanket (between the sheets). Your therapist will knock and ask if you’re ready before entering the room.

While you are on the table, the therapist will provide pillows for comfort. Please let your therapist know if there is anything they can do to make your position more comfortable on the table. During the massage only the areas in which the therapist is working will be uncovered. The therapist will be using hypoallergenic massage creams and lotions. During a hot stone massage, the heating stones will be both used to massage the tissue and will also be placed on limbs for heat and comfort.

Following the massage, the therapist will instruct you to slowly get up from the table and leave the room to give you time to re-dress. Whenever you are ready, open the door and the therapist will come back into the treatment room to follow up. At this time your therapist will provide suggestions of individualized hydrotherapy or therapeutic exercises in which they will believe will specifically help your primary complaint or pain. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to talk to your therapist or our reception staff at any time.