What is Hypopressives? It is a new form of exercise designed specifically to target the core without inflicting detrimental pressure to the abdominal wall or pelvic floor. Hypopressive is a term used to describe a decrease or reduction in pressure (Hypopressives Canada)

Proven Benefits of HYPOPRESSIVE

  • Reduces waist size and flattens the abdominal wall (avg 8% reduction)
  • Strengthen the core muscles without causing unwanted, problematic pressure to the pelvic floor
  • Prevention and treatment of incontinence, prolapse and hernias
  • Increases explosive strength and anaerobic capacity for sports performance
  • Raises metabolism and activates the sympathetic nervous system
  • Aids in improvement of sexual function
  • Improves posture and circulation in your lower limbs
  • Prepares the body for pregnancy and help recover the pelvic floor strength after childbirth


Pilates is an effective method of exercise that integrates the body and mind to generate movement. Pilates movements are always performed with attention to breathing, core stabilization efficacy and grace. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, and posture.


  • Improve body awareness, posture and stabilization
  • Gain long, strong and lean muscles and flexibility
  • Create an evenly conditioned body and efficient quality of movement
  • Improve sports performance and prevent injuries

Integrated System Model (IMS)

The Integrated Systems Model for Disability and Pain (ISM) (Lee L-J and Lee D 2011) is a framework to help clinicians organize knowledge and develop clinical reasoning to facilitate wise decisions for treatment. The Clinical Puzzle is a graphic that conceptualizes this model and is used as a reflection tool for the development of clinical reasoning and ultimately clinical expertise. The patient’s goals and meaningful complaints are noted in the center of the Clinical Puzzle and from their story a meaningful task is identified. (Diane Lee &Associates)

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