26 07, 2017

July is Injury Prevention Month

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July is Injury Prevention Month At Complete Wellness Clinic, we help a lot of people who have been injured: physically, mentally and /or emotionally. We make a big difference in people's lives every day who are in pain. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing lifelong injury prevention is paramount to our complete wellness. *Physically, [...]

17 04, 2017

Plant and Rake Without the Ache

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Plant and Rake Without the Ache Spring is upon us and we are all just itching to go outside.  This is also the time of year where some of our patients show up with some new aches and pains.  We are often asked “Why am I so sore?  I just did some yard work for [...]

15 03, 2017

10 years in practice and going strong!

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Thank you Milton for allowing us to support you in your health goals!! Complete Wellness Clinic has been in Milton for 10 years. Our founders and co-owners Dr. Natalie McDonald  and Dr. Amy Scherer met in 2004 and quickly realized that they shared the same healthcare philosophy and vision: to provide the community with a [...]

20 11, 2015

The Postpartum Emotional Experience

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There are few times in life where so much is expected from us and yet we feel so ill prepared. From the moment of conception, or at least from the moment you share the news you're expecting, new parents become inundated with unsolicited advice. What sits most uncomfortably with many woman however, is that this seemingly innocent advice [...]

10 11, 2015

Sitting Poorly at a Desk All Day? Can Registered Massage Therapy Help to Improve Posture? YES!

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Many people sit improperly at their desk every day for long periods of time. This can have a major physical impact on the body. Improper posture can be described as: Hunched or slouching shoulders Head forward carriage Tilted or uneven hips Hyperextended knees These positions can lead to decreased range of motion, joint and muscular pain, [...]